TACERA is the world’s first true full IP solution for nurse call and health care communication systems where all components in the system have their own IP address and uses VOIP exclusively.

Tacera provides real time connections between healthcare professionals and patients at all times.  No more reactive technologies, cluttered stations and hard to use software. No more patient complaints on unattended calls, delays in responding to emergency calls and running around looking for nurses or caregivers.

Offering full IP convergence with all communication and security systems seamlessly integrated with other technologies reducing installation cost, Tacera has become the world best IP Nurse Call and clinical workflow solution available today.

Tacera is an enterprise-wide hub for the management, prioritisation, and response to key events. Not only can our clients manage wireless devices easily and allocate staff appropriately but management data on the efficiency of the people and systems both historically and in real time are available at any desktop.

System highlights include:

  • Simple touch programming allows immediate real time workflow changes to suit the staff and workload.
  • Patient devices are all antibacterial and dip sterilizable. All our Tacera call points have a cleaning mode allowing them to be cleaned without setting off a call.
  • Activation of the cleaning mode is documented by our server so there is an audit trail for your infection control procedures and lapses are identified.
  • Bed management solution integrates to the admissions, discharge and Hospitality platforms to streamline the process to increase occupancy times – bed changeover time in Hospitals can be significantly reduced.

Tacera’s real-time delivery of important alerts to the people who can act on them not only strengthens the efficiency of your operations, but it also saves lives.

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