CallGuard is specifically designed to provide a total and reliable 24 hour a day, seven days a week monitoring and emergency call system for use in aged-care facilities such as retirement villages, hostels and nursing homes. CallGuard enables staff to provide prompt and effective responses to residents’ calls at all times.

Embracing solid state electronic technology and software, CallGuard incorporates a comprehensive and flexible range of call types, priority levels, alarm handling and call indication options, configurable to best suit the needs of residents and staff at a facility.

Optional two-way speech communication between staff and residents ensures a more appropriate response to calls resulting in increased staff efficiency. Integrated with AUSTCO’s state of- the-art paging and telephone technologies, such as wireless (DECT) telephones, CallGuard allows staff to receive and respond to calls while moving freely around the facility, further increasing staff efficiency. Residents activate calls using aesthetically pleasing, unobtrusive and yet easy to identify call points that have been designed for ease of use by frail aged residents, especially those with arthritis. Call points incorporate immediate audio visual indication, assuring the resident that the call has been placed.

Alarm handling and call indication options range from simple but effective audio visual ‘light and chime’ systems, to modern, non-intrusive coloured alphanumeric displays and staff stations. Sophisticated computerised central base stations with VDU monitor, resident database and call monitoring software that can be configured by staff to suit as requirements change, completes the AUSTCO range.

  • Coloured, easy to identify backlit silicon call points.
  • User-friendly operation to instantly alert staff.
  • Remote audio visual call display at staff stations, corridors and essential over door light facilities.
  • User friendly, computerised staff stations with colour coded multiple VGA monitors and alphanumeric displays.
  • Two-way staff to resident speech communication and public address.
  • Silent vibrating message pagers or wireless telephones allow staff total mobility with instant communication from resident or management.
  • Staff to resident allocation of pager and/or wireless phone.
  • Customisation of call levels, alarm messages and priorities that can be programmed to automatically upgrade and relay to a selected combination of staff.
  • Selection of priority tone sounds and colour designations for up to 12 priority levels.
  • Resident database of essential information.
  • Data print out for record of events.
  • Automatic Fault Detection.
  • Automated backup and all systems battery backed against power failure.
  • Lightning and static protected.
  • Modular design for expansion.
  • Existing IP Nurse Call Systems.
  • Intruder Alarms.
  • Ground and Building access.
  • Smoke detectors and fire alarms.
  • Wandering Resident systems.
  • Existing Paging services.
  • Off site telephone Call Systems.
  • RF pendants for mobile residents.

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