DECT (Telephony and Wireless Telephony Solutions) is recognised as the optimum solution for staff mobility and enables management on the move to ensure that your staff can always be contacted. DECT handsets are easy to use, robust and can be used for voice calls and text messaging providing improved efficiency and better customer response times using a secure technology.

  • The Mobility Solution
  • Wireless telephone users stay in touch while moving throughout the facility, even in hospitals and medical center campuses covering millions of square feet. Nurses no longer miss calls or lose valuable time traveling between the nurse station and patient rooms. Physicians can contact nurses directly for orders and transporters can receive calls directly from other departments for patient transport information.

  • The Productivity Solution
  • DECT telephone systems boost productivity by eliminating communication delays inherent in overhead and radio paging systems. Unlike two-way radios, wireless telephones provide accessibility both outside and inside the facility so less time is wasted tracking down staff. In addition, when a wireless telephone user cannot take a call, the caller is forwarded to that extension’s voicemail or an attendant. Calls are private, and unlike radios and overhead paging, do not disrupt the healing environment.

  • Healthcare Application Integration
  • Polycom’s wireless telephone systems integrate with the top-selling nurse call systems and other healthcare systems to improve efficiency and responsiveness. Wireless telephone systems can integrate with any messaging system, including telemetry, patient monitoring, HVAC and alarm systems, eliminating the need for separate radio pagers for healthcare staff.

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