Enterprise Communications

When your business depends on reliable communication

The cornerstone of your business is being able to communicate effectively and efficiently. Our telephone systems and mobility solutions are at the leading edge with the flexibility to allow your business to grow, expand and deliver the performance you need.


As a system designer and integrator we don’t just deliver a phone we deliver an essential tool that will increase productivity and customer satisfaction. While we specialise in Healthcare communications, our extensive networking experience gives us a front-line solutions with wired and wireless enterprise telephony.

  • WIFI
  • WIFI telephone systems provide advanced technology, go beyond the capabilities of paging systems, cordless telephones, two-way radios, and cellular products to dramatically improve the way employees perform their jobs – faster and more effectively. AceTek provides the world’s leading high-quality yet cost-effective wireless telephone communications.

  • DECT
  • DECT is recognised as the optimum solution for staff mobility and enables management on the move to ensure that your staff can always be contacted. DECT handsets are easy to use, robust and can be used for voice calls and text messaging. Multitone’s DECT solutions can be used for localised mobility cells or to provide site-wide wireless coverage for large multi-story buildings.

  • Wired PABX
  • PABX phones offers cost-effective solutions with flexible options, from paging, easy transfers to more advanced computer telephony integrations. Available for single sites or for multiple site integrations, PABX telephone systems are well established throughout Australia and used by many high profile companies world-wide.

  • Paging
  • With simple integration options for any existing paging infrastructure, AceTek Wireless messaging solutions ensure that your messages are received on any onsite or wide area pager. Multitone being the world’s first paging company, paging installations and management are a core business and our expertise makes us the number one choice.

AceTek is a leader in technology solutions integration services that combines communications, cabling, networking, security, and nurse call systems into seamless solutions.

With over 20 years experience in systems integrations, this Australian owned company prides itself on its reputation for integrated communication solutions, design expertise and strong customer support. Read more about AceTek

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