Dementia System (DCS-2000)

AceTek’s Dementia Monitoring is installed next to the door just outside the resident’s room and integrates with various non-intrusive movement sensors such as a bed exit sensor, door reed switch and PIR movement detectors. The system allow the resident to exit the bed triggering a light switch to prompt the resident to the ensuite. A timed light above the bed is also used to guide the resident back to bed.

Based on the profile selected, a selected time frame determines how long a resident will have to re enter the bed before an alert is sent to your staff that the resident is out of bed and may need assistance. This profile-based alarm system reduces false-alarms and is non-intrusive to your residents providing them a degree of independence.

Easily programmed to different settings based on the requirements of the resident (profile), the Dementia system is straightforward for any member of your to change on the fly.

All sensor data and alerts generated are tracked in a sophisticated software that can easily be exported to reports helping your facility get the funding needed for each resident depending on his or her level of care.

  • Simple non-intrusive monitoring of the resident’s movements without physical restrictions on freedom of movement.
  • Intelligent pre-emptive light cuing leads and assists the resident, for example, to the ensuite or back to bed.
  • Modern, unobtrusive design that can be installed to blend in with the decor thus not attracting residents’ attention.
  • User friendly two button operation requiring little or no staff training.
  • Aids staff efficiency through alarm reporting by exception only raising an alarm if the resident’s activity varies from the selected pre-defined behaviour profile.
  • No computers, keyboards or complex profile programming required by staff.
  • Integrates with AUSTCO nurse call systems for alarm and room or bed location display, logging, paging, etc.
  • Easy to install and to expand, modular connected system components.
  • Automatic system monitoring, fault detection and notification.
  • Battery back-up against mains power failure.
  • Lightning and static protected.

To learn more about Dementia, see our FAQ