Top Reasons to Choose AceTek

We offer many reasons to choose AceTek as your solutions integrator, but here are the main 6 reasons why we are the smart choice.

  • Flexibility – Integrated products specific to all segments of Aged Care.
  • AceTek understands that the needs of you facilities are unique. We can provide complete IP Nurse Call solutions right from Independent Living Units through to Acute Care and Dementia Monitoring.

    All our products for these different stages of Care are integrated into one central process for managing calls and communications.

    AceTek Systems specializes in all healthcare communication systems, including

    • IP Nurse Call
    • Wandering Resident
    • D.E.C.T. Telephony
    • Video/Audio Intercom
    • Electronic Locks
    • Security
    • Dementia Monitoring
    • Duress
    • Radio Pocket Paging
    • Access Control
    • CCTV
    • MATV
  • Reliable support.
  • AceTek Systems is an authorized Austco IP Nurse Call Agent. Austco is 100% Australian designed and manufactured and is the largest manufacturer of Nurse and Emergency Call systems throughout Australasia. As Austco is an Australian manufacturer, AceTek has immediate access to parts. Having to wait for the delivery of parts or components from over-seas is non-existent.

  • Peace of mind and assurance of a properly completed job.
  • Our design, installation and supervision teams have 81 years collective experience in specific IP Nurse Call and Security systems installation, project management and service.

    AceTek Systems will manage all aspects of your communications, thereby eliminating any dispute as to which supplier is responsible for which system.

    Our primary market is Aged and Hospital Care. We know the healthcare industry in depth with over 200 clients who can attest the fact we do the job right.

  • Reliable service – TRUE 24 hour, 7 Day-a-week service support.
  • We don’t just say it – we deliver it.

    We perform all service support, rather than sub-contracting out. This ensures you have the best quality teams providing your support everyday, all day.

  • Valuable assistance with design and documentation.
  • We work very closely with major Aged Care Organizations, Architects and Electrical Consultants to fully understand the dynamics of all our clients’ desires and requirements.

    We can provide valuable input and documentation, such as specifications, that is truly focused on your outcomes and requirements.

  • Maximized funding for clients.
  • Austco has introduced the most advanced Dementia Monitoring system available. The Dementia Monitoring system provides precise, detailed support documentation on dementia resident movements and care requirements for RCS Assessment claims to help you maximize funding grants from the government. Monitoring includes:

    • Out of Bed Monitoring (and Alarm)
    • In Room Monitoring (and Alarm)
    • En Suite Monitoring (and Alarm)
    • Wet Bed Alarm
    • Bedroom Door-Open Monitoring (and Alarm)
    • Agitation/Docility Monitoring (and Alarm

    The system monitors and records all resident movements providing detailed support documentation on patterns and assistance requirements, enabling your organization to capitalize on funding claims.

    AceTek Systems has successfully assisted over 220 customers throughout New South Wales with their Emergency IP Nurse Call, Dementia Monitoring and Security requirements. And we continue to grow our list of satisfied clients every week.

AceTek is a leader in technology solutions integration services that combines communications, cabling, networking, security, and nurse call systems into seamless solutions.

With over 20 years experience in systems integrations, this Australian owned company prides itself on its reputation for integrated communication solutions, design expertise and strong customer support. Read more about AceTek

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